Reports in English

Sweden´s Abolitionist Discourse and Law. Effects on the dynamics (...). By Pye Jakobsson and Jay Levy.

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The Sex Purchase Act. Claimed Success and Documented Effects. By Susanne Dodillet and Petra Östergren

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Swedish inquiry on the evaluation of the prohibition of the purchase of sexual services

Summaries and translations can be downloaded here.

See also The action plan against prostitution and trafficking for sexual purposes 


Norwegian evaluation of the Sex Purchase Law

About the evaluation

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Reports from the Swedish National Board for Health and Welfare

Prostitution in Sweden 2003

Prostitution in Sweden 2007

Nordic report on prostitution 2008

About the report

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NPPR: A comparative study of prostitution policy reform in the Nordic countries.


Evaluating the Swedish Ban on the Purchase of Sexual Services: The Anna Skarhed Report:

The Same Policy, But Different Ideas: The Ideational Underpinnings of the Norwegian and Swedish Bans on the Purchase of Sexual Services


Interview with sexworker Pye Jakobsson

Isabella Lund

A critique from the perspective of sex workers

Independent writers

Louise Persson:

Behind the happy face of the Swedish anti-prostitution law

Laura Agustín:

Skarhed admits scientific method was lacking in evaluation of Swedish law against buying sex:

Magical thinking of Swedish-law evaluation refuted by new Swedish research 


An extensive discussion and overview


A collection of articles and links re the Swedish Prostitution Policy