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The interdisciplinary EU project DemandAT has now come to an end. One of the results is the working paper From Zero Tolerance to Full Integration. Rethinking Prostitution Policies, where I propose a typology of three general prostitution policy models: repressive, restrictive or integrative. The intention is that it can serve as a tool for assessing, evaluating and comparing prostitution policies, even in cases where they seem to contain contradictory or incoherent elements.

Another result of the DemandAT project is our policy brief Preventing Exploitation and Trafficking in the Sex Work Sector. It recommends a policy approach that is context-sensitive, suggesting measures against violence, exploitation, and trafficking that can be implemented in each type of regime. And a forthcoming Routledge book on Assessing Prostitution Polices (Jahnsen & Wagenaar 2017) will contain a chapter on Sweden that I wrote. 

Next, I will focus on my doctoral thesis in social anthropology where I explore the functions of the Sex Purchase Ban. I am aiming for the thesis to be done sometime early spring 2018. 

Other book projects are still on hiatus. However, I do intend to both write the sequels to my novel Esmara´s tale (Berättelsen om Esmara) and eventually publish a book about anarchism. In preparation I am exploring anarchist writing from its roots to the modern day whilst thinking about how these ideas can be applied to contemporary Swedish debates. Some of these thoughts are published in my chronicles for Syre Magazine

There is a translated excerpt in English of Porn, Whores and Feminists (Porr, horor, och feminister). Please click here to download it, and here to get the entire book in Swedish.

If you are interested in more of my work and activities, please feel free to browse around this site and give me a follow on Facebook or Twitter. 

All the best, Petra

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